You love your pets but they’re shedding all over your home …

Now you’re looking for a grooming tool that is safe, inexpensive and something your pet will love …

A grooming tool you can use on your dog, cat, rabbit or horse that won’t damage their coat or scratch their skin …

It’s time to throw that old grooming brush and replace it with a grooming tool that you and all your pets will love.

The EquiGroomer is the best grooming tool on the market because it removes shedding hair and dander without damage or harm to either the coat or skin, even on sensitive skin.

It’s unlike other shedding tools that use clipper blades, pins, or bristles that often cause discomfort or stress. The EquiGroomers’ fine teeth remove only the dead hair, leaving the coat soft and clean.


The 9″ model is perfect for horses. Use it in place of a curry comb or brush during shedding season and year round as a finishing tool to keep your horses’ coat clean and brilliantly shiny.

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We ship the EquiGroomer grooming tool anywhere in CANADA. 

however, …

If you live in the Kingston, Ontario area and would like to pick up your order at our location,

please do not place your order through our website, rather call us directly at 613-389-2895 

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We’ll be happy to accommodate and process your request and you can pick your order up at our facility

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